Baby Formula Dispensers

In today’s world, where science has made such advancements, bottle sterilizers for easy and perfect sterile bottles and pacifiers; pacifier thermometer to see if the baby has a fever in the middle of the night without getting him undressed and undiapered, mamroo swings, an effective bouncy chair that makes the baby sleep, baby formula dispensers and several others have made lives for new mums much easier.

Baby formula dispensers are easy to use, accurate in measurement, and safe infant feeding device designed to hold an entire container of formula, it dispenses a consistently sized serving by 1 simple click. The 8.8 gm scoop size works with different formula brands, and each serving creates 2 ounces of prepared formula. In addition to this, theses dispensers are designed in a way to prevent the transfer of germs by reducing potential exposure to pathogens, it is created by food grade-BPA free material, and provides the new moms a sense of confidence that the baby is being given a perfect dosage, which is very important to all mothers. Light and easy to carry, all a mother need is some sterile water in the bottle and the baby formula dispenser to make that perfectly healthy milk for the little one.

Babies always require milk in every 2.5 hours in the very initial months, that too, with proper dosages prescribed by the pediatrician, now when we use a spoon to make the milk, it has been clinically proven that, weight of every scoop varies, making a huge difference in the growth of the baby, as every gram counts in case of infants.

Store, carry, dispense the baby formula, and with each twist one scoop dispenses, thus no wastage, just the perfect amount.Almost, all dispensers have a cap to seal the nozzle, before and after use, and the safety is also not to be pondered upon, as it is 100% safe, and is just like a jig saw puzzle with 3 units stacked and connected on one top of the other, one at the bottom, stores the formula powder, is air tight, so that it remains dry and germ free, second unit or the mid-section has the rotatory device with a switch protruding out which helps in dispensing exactly 1 scoop at a time, and last at the top is a bottle like structure for easy dispensing, so that transferring the contents into the feeding bottle is easy and tidy at all times.